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Welcome to SEO Backlinks Builder – designed and implemented with the view helping you and many others by utilising the power of Social Media & Directory Services …


It is a bit frustrating, isn’t it? It is so difficult for newer websites & blogs to appear in search results, let alone reflect on page 1 results, which ultimately, everyone is fighting for – it seems like a lot of blood, sweat and tears to optimise your website or blog. There are many factors involved in Search Engine Optimisation, over 200 to be almost exact, yet one of the single & MOST important steps you could take is to tap into & reap the benefits & potential of Social Media – more specifically Google+, Twitter & Facebook…

The web is an ever-changing maze of websites, blogs, pages, URL’s, addresses and links…yes, LINKS. One of the most important elements of SEO is this (approximately 80 % to be exact) – search engines measure or gauge the importance, reputation or popularity of your site against the number of inbound and outbound links to and from your website whether or not it may be “do follow” or “no follow” links. The more high quality links a search engine’s bots pick up, the more popular or distinguished your site must be…makes sense if you think about it! By the way, the bots we are talking about are the search engine crawlers, constantly scraping and crawling your site for new content to index. SEO has changed drastically over the last few years – now it is ALL about social media interactions or “social signals”, shares, follows tweets etc. So, lets break it down – links from social media = success…

Why do we place so much emphasis on links and Social Media? For the very simple fact that social media is a major factor now and is included in the search engines’ algorithms. We have built our directory around backlinks & social media – two very influential and heavily weighted factors in SEO. Links from the major social networks are very influential and are regarded very highly. On a very basic level, this is how backlinks work – you receive an inbound link from a high PR (Page Ranked) website or blog for example – it does wonders for your search results and ranking as it is seen as an important link (from a high PR site). The same goes for many different links, but good quality links. Obviously, it helps to have a website or blog which has good quality and interesting content which engages your audience. High PR links are hard to find and take a long time & a lot of work to establish. This is where we come in – we are here to help you!

SEO Backlinks Builder is a website & blog directory – but with a difference!

SEO Backlinks Builder was founded as a result of us wanting to bring everyone a simple directory which works & which benefits people wishing to become visible. Adding your site to reputable directories helps a GREAT deal when taking SEO into account! We tried submitting our URL to many directories & the same issues surfaced with each attempt to register our website – it takes between 4-8 weeks (if you’re really lucky) after an extensive approval process to add your URL / website, you have to pay exorbitant rates for the larger directories, a lot of them simply did not work (redirects etc.), you have to register by filling in long forms and the list carries on…and to be brutally honest, we never got anywhere with any of the them.Call us a website and blog directory with the benefits of Social Media! We will still do an in-depth review of your website/blog and we only consider good, clean sites that we believe are legitimate – we are quite thorough in the approval process but we guarantee that we will do this within the shortest timeframe possible. We want high quality & relevant websites and blogs on our directory and we want to help everyone with their SEO efforts. We have done the research & know where SEO is headed – the future of SEO is built around SOCIAL MEDIA! So, we have done the hard work for you already! By adding a site to our directory, you are not only improving overall visibility but also using the power of Social Media as effectively as possible to improve your SEO.

As with any business, there are guidelines and these are clearly outlined on our site, but once your site/blog is added to the directory, you are not only seen by prospective web surfers, but your website or blog is guaranteed to be viewed by others on a regular basis – not only once, your website is reviewed consistently…and many times over! And it will not negatively impact on your SEO  & Pay Per Click Management by thenet.ie because we use social media effectively! There is no catch, only a specific set of guidelines, which may be a little bit of groundwork in the beginning but is well worth the effort if you are looking for results. Once you are approved and have submitted everything we need, you are in the directory. Other real website & blog owners will review your site on a regular basis. How does this work? Read on further…we are getting to it. But first, what are the benefits & how does loading your site to our directory benefit you?

Advantages & Benefits

  • Listing on our web directory, as a link to your website/blog.
  • Exposure – others looking for your website, blog or business/products.
  • Consistent / recurring viewing by others who are also registering on a daily basis.
  • Reviews are from approved website/blog owners.
  • High-quality organic backlinks – from Google+, Twitter & Facebook (social media have very high PRs).
  • Real people, no robots / spammers / auto-spamming bots.
  • Search Engine Optimization via social media and our directory.
  • Not much hard work once you have registered and sent through your details/requirements.
  • Assistance from us, we want to help.
  • Simple directory navigation – we don’t want to get too complicated.

What are the best blogs on the web?  Well, the social networks of course!  Social media interactions COUNT…a lot…

Your website or blog has addresses or urls for every page. This is only your homepage, right? Well, you have a number of pages that make up your complete website. Each page has a different URL (or address, as can be seen in the address bar at the top of the browser). The landing page or homepage is the most important page though as this is where your potential customers or followers would land up. This URL (www.example.homepage.com) is the link which you would submit to us. We are not really concerned about the remaining pages of your blog or site because the homepage will be searchable and people will be able to find you – from there, they can then navigate through your website.

Now, as we mentioned earlier, simply put, links are either inbound OR outbound. What we are talking about here are typical INBOUND links from Google+, Twitter & Facebook to yours (someone else clicked on your URL which was submitted to our directory).

That is inbound. An example of an outbound link would be a social media “button” on your sites such as a Google+, Twitter or Facebook button redirecting your customers to your Social Media page directly from your website. That is outbound. For the purposes of how we function in the whole process – firstly, we use Social Media to make your site visible and secondly, others have to review your site directly from Google+, Twitter or Facebook – inbound for you. Just remember, it is also very important that the landing page or URL you submit to us has been meta-tagged correctly and is full of rich, quality keywords & captivating content which is relevant to your blog or business – this helps a great deal when search results are involved. Concentrate on relevance and quality – these are key.


Links are derived from many places on the internet and in many different forms – you initiating a search via Google / Bing / Yahoo, followers clicking through your social media profiles (Twitter / Facebook / Google+ for example), picture links, text links, auto-redirects, links from emails and the list goes on. We give you the opportunity to submit your URL or website link in text format and you receive good, approved, legitimate inbound reviews of your website or blog, directly from all three very highly reputable Social Networks. That is it. Simple. By doing this, your website or blog is seen to be a lot more distinguished and you receive more high-quality traffic and ultimately improved search results…

How does it work?  Well, its simple – others who register with us review your website or blog …
Step 1  – Click on the social network icon/s & login with your details
See our website/blog directory page, social network icons appear in the box at the TOP of this page. You must click on one or both of the social network icons that appear. If there is only one icon, then you only need to click on that one. (You only need to go through this process once, in order to register with us and from time to time after that – see Step 5).
Step 2 – Click on all the website links which have been posted on our social network/s for that day (date)
Step 3 – Find the answer to the question for each website you land on.
In each post/share will be a simple question about that particular website. You will have to navigate through the website & find the answer.
Step 4 – email us your answers together with our requirements below

When you have navigated to each site & found the answers, you will need to email us the website (homepage URL) and directly next to it the answer to the question and the same for all of the websites for that day in a list. This must be emailed to:

[email protected] together with our other requirements below (some basic details) and on approval from us we will add your website/blog to the directory within 21 days. After you are added to the directory, YOU become one of the websites/blogs mentioned in Step 2! And not only once, recurring views so for example…every 3 weeks your URL appears!

Step 5 – very NB!!

As part of the ongoing process in helping others, we will send you an email from time to time (not often and we won’t spam either), prompting you to follow that particular day’s Social Networks posts and do the same as mentioned in steps 2, 3 & 4  (and sending us the sites you landed on and the answer to that days questions) to [email protected]). Please make sure you follow these URL’s – this will ensure that your website or blog remains on our directory!

Other requirements for adding you to our directory (to be emailed together with your list of URL’s and answers mentioned in Step 4) to:

[email protected] :

1. Complete / full name of Organization / Entity or website / blog

2. If a business, what geographical region are you situated in (be as specific as possible – this will reflect on the directory i.e Country / State / Province / City / Town and lastly suburb)

3. In less than 3 words, what SPECIFIC category of business are you in (Please make sure you have looked through the ENTIRE directory and ensure that your type does NOT fit in any existing category before suggesting a new category). If you cannot find your specific category in the directory, only then suggest a new category!

4. Contact person – name, email and designation (Please provide the correct information, especially your email address)

5. A full description of business/blog / website (please be as specific as possible). In less than 160 words! (Only applies to Premium members)

6. Your full URL / link (Homepage – so that we can find your website AND the page you would like to load to the directory). If it is the homepage, then just supply us with the URL of the homepage/landing page. We suggest your homepage/landing page yet any URL may be submitted.

7. Three Social Media links/URL’s (your Social Media page addresses) for loading to the directory (Only applies to Premium members)

After submitting your site/link and the info above, you will have completed the submission. Once we have approved your website or blog you will be added to the directory (allow us up to  21 days)! Please note: Incomplete or missing information may result in your listing not being processed.  

80% of SEO involves good backlinks. If you are serious about your website and SEO, search results & indexing of your site, then continue reading  –  by adding yourself to our directory, you are one LARGE step closer to improving your visibility…

Youtube video – links/site indexing


Wikipedia explanation of backlinks

What if you want faster loading to our directory? More frequent rotations?

Yes, to load your link on the directory is free but what other options are available to users? Well, we offer a free listing of course with recurring website/blog views but what if you wanted to expedite or speed up the process? More guaranteed, regular and frequent rotations? A full description of what you do or what your website or blog is about, which stays permanently on the directory for other users to see. Social media icons linked to your Google+, Twitter or FB page? We highly recommend the Premium option. Below is a list of the benefits of what the Premium option entails:

  • Expedited / faster loading onto the directory (within 48 to 72 hours)
  • More regular rotations – your URL will rotate more frequently for a full month and then rotate as normal free listing would
  • A brief description of your website/business/blog of 160 words or less which will remain on the directory permanently (long term benefit)
  • We will add Social Media icons (next to your listing & linked) so that others are able to find you and can be redirected to your Social Media page (maximum of 3 – ie. Google+ / Facebook & Twitter)

If you are interested in the Premium option (One payment of $11.95), then please send all of the required information (the URL’s for that day/answers and the required information above) to:

We will get back to you as soon as we can with details and payment information.