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A great website is still only as good as its marketing. Our online marketing services take care of pay per click (PPC) management London; adverts; landing pages; and all other internet marketing.
Whether you’re running Facebook adverts; looking to turn a so-so Google AdWords campaign into something that makes your customers sit up and take notice; or developing landing pages that naturally synchronise with your advertising, Website Designer London’s full service online marketing package can make that splash on your behalf.
To find out more about our individual online marketing services, or to talk to us about a campaign strategy, call 07946 107202, or email [email protected]

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising reaches your target audience by matching known likes, or keywords in status updates and comments, to key elements of your marketing strategy. Finding the right audience on the world’s largest social media platform isn’t too difficult, then – but making sure they pay attention to what you’re saying is another matter entirely.

Website Designer London’s PPC management service includes the design and management of Facebook campaigns – targeting the right keywords and social media metrics; creating snappy text that captures the attention of your audience; and researching the best times of day for your ad to be out there doing its stuff.

Facebook is used by different groups of people at different times. Professional people use it during work hours; teenagers are more likely to use it at lunchtimes or in the evening. We can help you get the most from every click by structuring a campaign that turns on during the hours when your target market is most likely to be active.

Google AdWords

Like Facebook advertising, Google AdWords campaigns work best when you target them to the right times of day as well as to the right audience. Our PPC management London service takes on the whole structure of your pay per click campaign, researching and nominating the right times of day for your ads to be turned on, as well as advising you on the right kind of spend for each click.

All of our internet marketing services rely on high quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to attract the right visitors to your pages. As part of your SEO campaign, we research the keywords most profitable for you to use – noteworthy words and phrases used by your target audience, but overlooked by your competitors. By identifying the phrases your customers use, we can help you create a niche for your marketing: bringing you more return on your advertising spend.

Reports and metrics

Reporting plays a big part in the ongoing success of our online marketing services. Here at Website Designer London, we believe that even outstanding is never good enough: and we’ve also been in this game for long enough to know that really good campaigns take time to mould. As part of our internet marketing services, we deliver regular reports, both monthly and ad hoc, to let you know how your campaign is progressing, and what we are doing to make it even better.

No online marketing campaign exists in a vacuum, of course – so we monitor every element that has a bearing on the performance of your site and your brand. This helps us to help you understand the factors affecting your site’s visibility and success at capturing fans: and it gives us the tools to make your business grow at the most effective rate, identifying areas in which the competition may be outsmarting you and moving in to redress the balance.

Landing pages

PPC management London doesn’t stop once youradvert has been perfectly placed, with great content and an attractive proposition. All of that good work has to replicated onsite as well as off. As part of your online marketing services package, our website designers deliver a series of carefully-designed landing pages: alternate homepages specifically geared towards the tone and substance of your PPC advertising.

Let’s say one of our Facebook ad campaigns starts bringing in lots of new visitors. They don’t want to see everything your business does – they’re looking for the precise product or service embodied in the ad. We build landing pages that show just that: and offer a clear route from initial interest to action, whether that’s clicking on a “buy now” button or signing up to an email marketing list.

Advert creation

Content and structure are vital for successful advertising in any medium, and online is no different. In fact, in some ways online advertising carries even more pressure to be perfect – because on average you have less than 10 seconds to convince a target audience member to click on your link and go through to your site. Every word has to be perfect, every phrase has to be turned just so.

Website Designer London can write your adverts, as well as target them. Our partner copywriting agency delivers only the highest quality copy, all created in house by a small team of senior writers. That’s why our adverts speak in a voice your customers find appealing, using words they understand. Combining our knowledge of the technical side of online promotion, with their experience in brand communications, our internet marketing services give your site the audience it deserves.

SEO health reports and ad hoc campaigns

You don’t have to have a Website Designer London site to take advantage of our online marketing knowhow. We deliver ad hoc online marketing services for any site, and can create a health report on your site’s visibility to search engines and your target audience too.

If you would like us to assess the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns, or have any questions about how to improve your visibility, please call us on 07946 107202, or email [email protected]

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