New technologies in website design with HTML5

With the introduction of HTML5 web developers and designers gained many new features and accessibility for more complex applications.

Users on the other hand, still get a lot fixes, speed boosts, more options for applications and documents while improving the stability of HTML to be able to run low-powered devices such as tablets.

HTML5 markup features new elements and attributes to make video and audio to be able to added to a website a lot easier and faster. The new APIs are “Application Programming Interfaces” that are usable with Javascript which adds a lot of new interactive features that weren’t avaivable before.

The new HTML is used by 34 of world’s top 100 Websites in popularity. HTML5 is a lot more flexible than HTML4.01 in error handling. HTML is getting more and more poplar fast, even Steve Jobs said Apple products don’t need Flash as their devices support HTML5, and that is the future of the internet. HTML5.1 and 5.2 are currently in development by World Wide Web Consortium.

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